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Rapid, low-impact backup, Instant recovery-in-place Disk, tape & cloud

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The Smart Choice in Data Protection has:

  • Reliable backup that works

  • Rapid recovery when you need it

  • An open storage model

  • A first-class support team

  • Affordable, easy to understand licensing


Catalogic DPX Use Cases

Backup is an insurance policy. It might be used to restore a database table after a fat finger event deletes it. It could be recovering a server captured by ransomware. In the worst case, you might need to recover an entire facility lost to a natural disaster. In all these cases, reliability is paramount.
But backup can also be more than an insurance policy. With instantly accessible backup images, you can leverage backups for many other tasks, such as reporting, dev-test, analytics and more.

The Smart Choice in Data Protection

Rapid, low-impact backup – Instant recovery-in-place – Disk, tape & cloud

Catalogic DPX delivers across a range of use cases

Data Protection

Getting backups done on time and reliably are leading data protection challenges.

Cloud Integration

DPX makes it easy for you to send backup images into the Cloud and to find them easily when you need them

NetApp OSSV Replacement

Catalogic DPX offers a seamless, low-risk replacement for OSSV when moving to Clustered Data ONTAP.

Rapid Recovery

and DR

Restore systems in the time it takes to boot them using our patented Instant Virtualization technology.

Tape Replacement

Many organizations still use tape, thus DPX includes full-fledged support for multiple tape drives and formats.


Catalogic supports NDMP backups to disk, tape and cloud which can be an extremely cost-effective standalone NDMP solution



DPX block-level backups are stored as immutable snapshots which cannot be manipulated by ransomware.

Remote Office


The vStor data repository can be as simple as a single virtual machine, making it the perfect solution.

Micro Focus Data Protection

Catalogic has provided industry leading protection and recovery for Novell products since 1997, pioneering many protection features

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