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Consolidate workloads with concurrent multiprotocol support for block, file and object storage, and VMs on a single system.

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DDN IntelliFlash Storage Solutions

Boost Innovation and Tackle Your Modern Business Data Challenges

Operational Simplicity with a Unified Architecture

Forward-looking enterprises choose DDN IntelliFlash because it is the industry’s most versatile storage portfolio and the easiest to manage, with generalist-friendly administration and a single, all-inclusive license. You can maximize operational efficiency and TCO savings by running all your apps on a single unified storage system with concurrent multimedia and multi-protocol support.

Cloud-based Intelligent Analytics 

AI-driven analytics and autonomous workload optimization give you effortless IT productivity and an exceptional user experience. Cloud-based intelligent analytics for IntelliFlash collects millions of data points from participating systems, including capacity usage, configuration details, and comprehensive system health and performance. AI-driven data analysis then detects issues and identifies patterns that can predict trends far in advance and help you make better decisions and maximize resource efficiency.

DDN IntelliFlash

IntelliFlash NVMe Accelerated Hybrid Systems

IntelliFlash H-Series hybrid flash systems give you the performance of NVMe with the economics of HDDs so you can easily consolidate multi-petabyte SAN and NAS workloads.
You get a system that autonomously optimizes SSD-to-HDD ratios for all workloads running in your virtualized and non-virtualized environments. With the H-Series you can count on scalable performance, simplified management and an outstanding experience for enterprise end-user file shares and AI, analytics and HPC workloads.

IntelliFlash NVMe  All Flash System

Maximum Performance, Feature Rich


Your most demanding workloads deserve uncompromised performance especially when they are key to your business success. DDN IntelliFlash N-Series, built on the industry’s most mature NVMe platform, offers outstanding performance that scales, operational simplicity, and unmatched innovation in NVMe flash management. Enterprises that need NVMe performance to accelerate their most demanding workloads can now experience the lowest latencies and fastest data access for improved insights, decision-making and business results.


Consolidate workloads with concurrent multiprotocol support for block, file and object storage, and VMs on a single system.

These systems also enhance cost-efficiency with data reduction technologies, near-instant backups and robust disaster protection, and powerful analytics software for faster data insights.

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