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Ensure end-user performance automatically with database-integrated storage. Reduce your storage footprint by consolidating workloads while ensuring you can accurately model resource requirements and provision as needed to drive business success.

A Superior Database Experience


Databases hosted on shared resources can be negatively impacted by the unpredictable I/O patterns of other workloads. VMstore isolates each database within its own I/O lane and provides the exact resources needed to meet SLAs with certainty.

Should a database experience latency, our end-to-end visibility helps you find the root cause in seconds across host, network, and storage resources. Follow expert recommendations for fast resolution and return to peak efficiency. No more guessing at root causes or filing support tickets.

How many database instances can your existing standard infrastructure support? The lack of precise forecasting leads to over-provisioning. VMstore’s “what if” analysis models the exact impact of each additional database instance so you can provision with precision.

If you have <150 VMs or need iSCSI or FC support, Tintri IntelliFlash systems deliver outstanding performance and powerful analytics for databases in these environments. IntelliFlash accelerates OLTP and ML processing with improved CPU efficiency so you can consolidate databases, reduce footprint and licensing costs, and deliver on discrete SLAs for dev, test, and production – all on one system.

What Can Tintri Do For Databases?

  • Deliver a consistent user experience

  • Eliminate resource contention by isolating I/O for every database

  • Pinpoint bottlenecks across compute, network, and storage in seconds

  • Eliminate overprovisioning as databases scale using predictive analysis and modeling

  • Reduce your storage footprint through database consolidation and enhanced CPU efficiencies

Intelligent Infrastructure Optimizes Databases

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