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InfiniBox SSA: The right performance and the right latency at the right time


Infinidat Enterprise Storage Solutions

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Building upon Strong Architecture

The InfiniBox architecture continues to deliver unprecedented performance, reliability, scalability, simplicity and economics. This architecture, introduced with InfiniBox, has also been the foundation for continued innovation.
Today, Infinidat offers even more choice, performance and scale extolling the virtue of this common architecture.

InfiniBox - Enterprise storage delivering AI-exploiting Neural Cache.
InfiniBox SSA - All solid-state components for the most demanding workloads.
InfiniGuard - Purpose-built data protection and recovery appliance with built-in cyber resilience.

The strength of this architecture has been demonstrated through the consistent delivery of innovation, competitive differentiation, and customer value over the past decade and into the future.


Enterprise storage with consistent ultra-high performance and microsecond level latency

The InfiniBox SSA enterprise storage system is designed for workloads that require consistent, microsecond latency for every I/O and can deliver latency as low as 35µs* (microseconds). Infinidat’s intelligent learning algorithms and Neural Cache allow a very high percentage of I/O to be serviced at DRAM speed. Combining this with an optimized path to solid-state storage ensures outstanding end-to-end performance. Our systems come with unmatched, enterprise-class features and tremendous ease of use. InfiniBox SSA also comes with our 100% availability guarantee.

High Performance: Ultra-low latency for every I/O

For many enterprise applications, only ultra-high performance and extremely low latency will do. InfiniBox SSA goes all out when it comes to performance and delivers the performance at scale for the most intense workloads resulting in consistent and predictable, microsecond latency.

InfiniBox SSA is designed to meet the specialized needs of enterprise applications and easily surpasses the performance threshold of traditional all-flash arrays. Leveraging an SSD back-end combined with Infinidat’s innovative Neural Cache cache management algorithms, InfiniBox SSA serves much of the I/O from DRAM, which is an order of magnitude faster than flash-based SSDs.

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Cyber Resilience: InfiniSafe® reference architecture

The InfiniSafe reference architecture for InfiniBox puts strong cyber resilience capabilities at the ready. InfiniSafe enables  the creation of cyber-resilient environments with our products in four areas: 

⦁    Immutable snapshots 
⦁    Logical remote air gap 
⦁    Fenced forensic environment
⦁    Near-instantaneous recovery 

InfiniSafe encompasses a detailed framework to help companies expand their cyber resilience throughout our InfiniBox family of solutions.


Reliability: 100% availability guaranteed

Every InfiniBox SSA is designed for zero downtime over its lifecycle and comes with a 100% availability guarantee. Our self-healing architecture leverages our patented InfiniRaid® data layout and predictive failure analysis. This delivers the industry’s highest availability and non-disruptive upgrades. Hardware and software redundancy is at the core of InfiniBox SSA’s rock-solid reliability. All critical components are “active-active-active” N+2 redundant, enabling rapid recovery from any failure. Additionally, each component in an InfiniBox SSA system must go through an exhaustive integration, verification, and test process prior to arrival in a customer’s data center, assuring the utmost reliability. Migration between InfiniBoxes is seamless and non-disruptive.

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Enterprise storage for a broad range of mixed application workloads at multi-petabyte scale

The InfiniBox® enterprise storage system delivers faster than all-flash performance, multi-petabyte capacity, and 100% availability for a broad range of mixed application workloads. Infinite zero-impact snapshots, dependable active/active, synchronous & asynchronous replication, and flexible, software-defined quality of service come standard, with guaranteed reliability and data security.

With InfiniBox, enterprise IT organizations and managed service providers are able to exceed their service level objectives while radically lowering the cost and complexity of their storage operations. Download the InfiniBox data sheet to learn more

Performance: Attain faster than all-flash performance at multi-petabyte scale

The heart of every InfiniBox is Neural Cache, a machine learning algorithm that maintains a connected history of every data section the system has received since inception. By observing all network traffic to the storage system, Neural Cache uses the I/O history to recognize correlations in data access patterns and immediately begins predicting future I/O requests, which are preemptively staged in cache. Because most I/O requests are served directly from RAM (which is more than 100x lower latency than flash), InfiniBox customers can expect higher application performance from most enterprise workloads versus what traditional all-flash arrays can deliver. InfiniBox SSA takes the groundbreaking performance of InfiniBox even further for the most extreme enterprise applications — those that require ultra-low latency for every single I/O.


Reliability: 100% availability guaranteed

From the earliest InfiniBox installations dedicated to core banking workloads in the US, to the current global footprint that supports life-, safety-, and mission-critical customer workloads on six continents and in every industry we serve, Infinidat has earned an unprecedented reputation for product quality and reliability from a customer community that has zero tolerance for downtime. Every system is designed for zero downtime over the course of its entire lifecycle, and comes with a 100% availability guarantee.

InfiniBox’s unprecedented reliability begins with hardware and software redundancy. Every single component in the data path is N+2 redundant. In addition, our team operates the largest and most sophisticated storage QA lab in the world (over 150 PB). Customers rest easy knowing that every component of every system passes through an exhaustive integration, verification, and test process prior to arrival on their data center floor, and their storage will run for its entire installed lifetime without interruption. 

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InfiniVerse: Holistic monitoring, predictive analytics, and support

InfiniVerse is the future of storage management and monitoring for petabyte-scale systems. It combines system telemetry with intelligent, predictive analytics to provide highly detailed reports and actionable insights. Quickly identify potential performance bottlenecks in your network infrastructure, find and reclaim capacity from dormant volumes, and simplify resource planning without having to use Excel.



Enterprise data protection with InfiniSafeⓇ cyber protection technologies and unmatched performance

Modern data protection goes beyond traditional backup, restore, and disaster recovery.  Today, ransomware, malware, and cyberattacks put your data at significant risk. Infinidat’s modern data protection and cyber resilience solution, InfiniGuard®, plays an essential role in your overall cyber security strategy.

InfiniGuard offers unmatched backup and lightning-fast recovery performance, at scale, for all of your data protection needs and is enhanced by our InfiniSafe cyber recovery technologies to ensure you are always ready in the event of a cyberattack, natural disaster, or basic human error. InfiniGuard is built on the award-winning, InfiniBox®, an enterprise-proven storage platform that delivers unmatched performance, availability, and a simple, set-it-and-forget-it management experience

Deployment Ecosystem: Easily deploy and manage InfiniGuard with your preferred backup software

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Performance: Realize unmatched backup and recovery performance at scale

InfiniGuard provides industry-leading performance for data protection and backup with in-line ingest rates of up to 180TB/hr* and unmatched recovery performance at scale, be it a single file or large-scale DR or cyber recovery needs. A comprehensive cyber resilience strategy requires well-defined best practices to ensure data validity, as well as near-instantaneous recovery of your backup repositories, regardless of size. Our InfiniSafe technologies do just that, in minutes, making it easy for data validation and DR recovery testing.

InfiniSafe: Thwart ransomware and other cyberattacks with built-in cyber resilience technologies


Put cybercriminals on the defensive and recover your data quickly and easily in the event of a ransomware attack, technical malfunction, natural disaster, or basic human error with Infinidat’s InfiniSafe cyber recovery technologies. InfiniSafe brings together the key foundational requirements essential for delivering a comprehensive cyber recovery capability:

1. Immutable snapshots

2. Logical air-gapped protection

3. Fenced forensic network

4. Near-instantaneous recovery of any size backup repository

InfiniSafe technologies give you the tools and confidence you need to make your recovery the fastest possible in the event of a cyberattack .

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