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Protect all your business data with Intelligent Infrastructure, which delivers automated data protection, proactive analytics, and an integrated ecosystem to ensure 24×7 data access.

Achieve a Primary Experience with Secondary Economics

With Intelligent Infrastructure, developing an enterprise data protection (DP) and disaster recovery (DR) strategy is not a big deal. You can easily prevent downtime and data loss by integrating with existing DP solutions, so there’s no architectural overhaul, and you won’t break the bank.

Tintri offers fully integrated backup and DR solutions based on primary or secondary storage – or both – without sacrificing flexibility or innovative capabilities. Choose from a range of DR options, including many-to-one and one-to-many configurations, and synchronous replication, while benefiting from cost-efficiency features that can slash capacity requirements by 10x and WAN usage by 95%.

Ensure smooth operations by integrating Tintri VMstore and IntelliFlash systems with 3rd party solutions, including Veeam and Commvault. Plus, you can securely transfer snapshot copies to object storage systems or cloud offerings such as Amazon S3 and IBM Cloud Object Storage through our S3 Connectors.

What Can Tintri Do For Data Protection and DR?

  • Enable flexible backups to Tintri systems, 3rd party solutions or to the public cloud

  • Provide fast asynchronous replication and zero data-loss synchronous replication

  • Simplify data protection processes with single-click VM and app recovery

  • Slash data protection costs with inline deduplication and compression

Data Protection

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