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SQL Integrated Storage simplifies and automates storage management, delivers real-time analytics, and maximizes performance for SQL Server so you can refocus your efforts on high-impact projects and business innovation.


A Different SQL Server Experience

Tintri SQL Integrated Storage provides a fundamentally different way to look at the way SQL Server databases behave within your infrastructure. This changes how DBAs can expect their storage to work. It provides a refreshing experience by improving visibility into SQL Server performance and workload patterns, enabling changes and bottlenecks to be easily detected across network, compute, and storage.

Tintri improves your development environments and DevOps integrations through enhanced, flexible control of cloning for development teams. Your staff will experience a reduced number of tickets associated with routine storage tasks, freeing up DBAs and infrastructure support resources to focus on higher ROI activities. Plus, you’ll benefit from automated resource management and discovery of new databases.

Tintri SQL Integrated Storage - Revolutionizing Storage Management for SQL Server Databases

What Can Tintri Do For SQL Server Databases?

SQL Integrated Storage

  • Simplify SQL Server configs so you can meet SLAs with less overhead

  • Empower DBAs with self-service cloning for faster DevOps

  • Resolve issues quickly with broad visibility and per-DB metrics

  • Maintain automated QoS with settings for each DB and VM

  • Recover databases in seconds with zero-impact snapshots

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